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The Dillon Precision Powder Measure for the RL 550 Series and XL 750/650 Reloading Machines represents the best in accurate, reliable and repeatable performance. Accurate to within +/- .10 grain the Dillon Powder Measure provides you with the speed and performance that the modern reloader demands. Perfect for competition reloading as well as hunting and recreational uses the Dillon Precision Powder Measure is the perfect accompaniment to The World's Finest Reloading Machines. The powder measure is case activated; it will only drop powder if a case is present. When a case is present the powder bar will travel it's full length until is flush with the body of the powder measure. This allows the powder bar to align with the powder funnel to drop the powder charge. The case activated feature saves you from messy spills while you setup your press or if for some reason a case is not present when you cycle the press. The Dillon Precision Powder Measure uses an adjustable volumetric powder bar to regulate charge weights. This is accomplished by adjusting a screw on the end of the powder bar which in turn regulates the size of the volume into which the powder will drop. You must use a reliable scale to set the correct charge weight as you adjust the volume the powder bar will drop. Dillon Precision manufactures four types of powder bars:
  1. Extra Small – Used for dropping less than 3 grains of powder
  2. Small – Used for dropping 3 to 20 grains of powder (Included with the Dillon Precision Powder Measure)
  3. Large – Used for dropping 20 to approximately 45 to 50 grains of powder (Included with the Dillon Precision Powder Measure)
  4. Magnum – Used for dropping 50 or more grains of powder*
The extra small powder bar is used when loading .32 Auto, .32 S&W and .32 S&W Long. Both the extra small powder bar and the magnum powder bar are non-standard items and are ordered separately. The large and small powder bar are standard equipment and are included with every reloader.


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