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Lyman Rotary Case Cleaning Sifter Set

Hersteller: Lyman , Hersteller Artikel-Nr.: 7631314
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The Lyman Dual Sifter System provides a huge advantage over existing methods of separating stainless steel media pins from cases after rotary tumbling. This two pan set is totally unique in that one pan will separate the cases from the pins, while the other pan separates the media pins from the cleaning solution, all at the same time. No more cleaning pins out of your sink, or tediously separating the pins from cases. The two pans nest together, with the top pan having a coarse opening to catch cases and the lower pan having a fine screen to separate out the pins. The Dual Sifter System will also work with other brands of rotary tumblers. A must for anyone tumbling cases with stainless steel media pins. Order the Lyman Dual Sifter System today for an affordable and effective tumbling case solution. Coarse and fine sifter pans work together to separate pins from cases Less mess, faster separation of cases Works with most brands of rotary tumblers Much more efficient than traditional separating methods


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