Elcan SpecterTR 1-3-9 Tri FOV 5.56 Black

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Armament Technology is very excited to introduce a first for the Shooting Sport and Professional - triple field of view rifle sight that continues on with ELCAN's tradition of leading optical performance and in the field ruggedness.The SpecterTR is a 1/3/9x magnification scope giving any shooter the appropriate level of magnification required for any scenario on an AR style platform. The unique three field-of-view design maximizes combat effectiveness by providing precision close quarter, mid-range, and long range engagement capability. The SpecterTR™ rifle sight’s durability, versatility, and extra-long eye relief provides the user with an unmatched advantage on the battle field.The 1x field-of-view provides a 16° viewing angle and an extremely fast, “both eyes open” target acquisition capability maximized by a red aiming dot and at least 70mm eye relief. The second field-of-view provides a 3x-magnified sight with a field–of-view of 6°, range compensating reticle, and precision mid-range marksmanship capability. In 9x, a crystal clear 2° viewing angle provides unmatched long-range target detection, identification, and engagement capability –all in a compact, lightweight 1264 mm, 829 g (scope and mount) telescopic package.The magnification of the SpecterTR™ Tri-FOV weapon sight by ELCAN switches easily and quickly using a 3-position dial mounted on the side of the optical housing.MAGNIFICATION 1X 3X 9X
Field of View 16 degrees 6 degrees 2 degrees
FOV at 100m 28.7m 10.5m 3.5m
Entrance Pupil Diameter 12mm 30mm 30mm
Exit Pupil Diameter 11.7mm 10mm 3.33mm
Eye Relief 78.6mm 70.4mm 74.1mm
Diopter Setting -.75
Optic Axis Height 39mm (1.535”)
Length 265mm (10.43”)
Width 81 mm (3.19”)
Overall Height 74 mm (2.91”)
Weight 850 grams (1.9 Lbs)
Elevation / Azimuth Adjustment
External Zeroing
Adjustment Resolution 0.1 mil/click in elevation and windage
Range of Adjustment Elevation +90 MOA / -30 MOA minimum
Azimuth +60 MOA / -60 MOA minimum
Illumination Red Dot for 1X magnification. 5 illumination brightness levels
Reticle illuminated for 3X and 9X. 5 illumination brightness levels
Reticle Pattern Center cross hair at 100m
Ranging lines to 800m for 5.56 and to 1000m for 7.62
Target Ranging pattern
Weapon Attachment Will mount to a Picatinny rail