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Clawgear AK Blast Forward Compensator

Hersteller: Clawgear
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Clawgear‘s muzzle device products are designed to increase weapon performance and handling. Due to it‘s hardened steel construction, this rugged and high quality item will serve you in any combat situation. 

3 Expansion Chambers
The construction guides the exhaust gases in optimal direction to reduce recoil and muzzle flip.

Mounting Notches
Twelve mounting grooves allow the compensator to fit on any AK based weapon system.

Breacher Spikes
These hardened steel spikes allow the user to destroy barriers in CQB situations.

Closed Body
Forwards exhaust gases and noise away from the user.

AK-47, AKM, RPK, AK-74 and all variants based on these models with 14x1 LH muzzle thread. Does not fit on AK-100 Series, AKS-74U, Saiga rifles

Make sure your weapon is unloaded and safe. Dismount existing muzzle devices and clean the thread surface. After applying a drop of oil on the thread, screw the compensator counterclockwise on the barrel and push the locking pin on the front sight base completely flat. Screw the compensator tight and release the locking pin into the next mounting notch available. Before using a silencer make sure the compensator is not moving at all.





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